Home Remedies for a Loose Vagina

Many women are aware that childbirth can cause them to suffer from a loose vagina. They may not realize, though, that there are a diverse array of other issues that can cause this problem. Obesity, frequent lifting of heavy items, previous gynecological surgery or pelvic trauma, menopause, chronic back pain, and even regular intense exercise can all loosen women’s vaginas.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that women can solve this problem naturally. Read on to find a few helpful tips for improving vaginal health and tightening everything up.

Dietary Changes

One of the best natural ways to tighten the vagina is to follow a healthy diet that contains estrogen-rich foods such as pomegranates, sesame seeds, soybeans, carrots, and apples. This helps to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor. Women should also ensure that they consume plenty of whole grains and lean animal proteins.

Hygiene Changes

Ensuring proper hygiene is essential for maintaining a clean, healthy, tight vagina. Use soft cleansers and herbal soaps, as these do not come with side effects such as dry skin and are effective at reducing odors and discharge in addition to improving elasticity. Be sure not to leave any soap in the area, as this can cause skin irritation.

Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear is able to dry faster than other materials and allow air to flow to the area. It can prevent infections by reducing the buildup of unhealthy bacteria and can help to improve overall vaginal health.

Herbs and Minerals

Certain herbal creams, gels, and lubricants can help to restore elasticity. Vitamin E can also be used to treat vaginal dryness and to maintain the health and strength of the vaginal walls. Some medicinal herbs can also be consumed by mouth.

Tightening Exercises

Most women have heard of Kegels, but there are also plenty of other exercises that can help to tighten vaginal muscles. Certain stretches performed in yoga can also be an effective way to reduce vaginal looseness. There are plenty of resources available online for women who want to learn how to perform these exercises at home, with most of these exercises being performed between once and four times per day.