Fighting Dental Anxiety with Painless Laser Dentistry

Laser has changed the face of dentistry through its many applications. Different kinds and intensities of lasers are used in various dental surgeries, deep cleaning, decay scanning, curing (hardening), and in teeth whitening.

In Chicago and the rest of the United States, 4 in 10 adults suffer from dental anxiety. And the main reason behind this anxiety is the fear of pain. This fear was valid in the time of old dental practices, but now in the age of the laser, treatments are virtually pain-free.

In traditional dentistry, surgeries meant making incisions on the gum and putting them back together with stitches. Although the patient would feel no pain during the procedure, he still had to endure anesthetic injections and the painful and sometimes ling recovery period. Dental surgeries used to be temporarily debilitating.

In modern dentistry, the use of laser basically makes a surgery quick and painless. Only a small number of laser procedures require the use of anesthetics and most procedures do not require stitches and so the procedures are not at all debilitating. You can – although it’s not recommended – have a surgery done in the morning via painless laser dentistry Chicago has to offer and then get back to work in the afternoon.

Lasers are used for a wide variety of dental applications-probably much like how a scalpel is utilized in surgery. But the painless laser dentistry Chicago has to offer isn’t just about surgery. It also used in the delicate procedure of cleaning deep between gum and teeth for some cases of periodontal infections, as a knife for shaping the gums and removing benign tumors, as a light to scan cavities and to activate teeth whiteners and kill bacteria as part of tooth preparation. All these applications are practically painless, and recovery periods are quick and easy.

Lasers did not only change the face of dentistry through improving efficiency and accuracy in terms of procedures. It has also improved how dentistry is perceived by people suffering from dental anxiety-this through painless laser dentistry. To find out more about painless laser dentistry Chicago has to offer, ask your local dentist. Or check out their website for more information.