Lakeview Dentist Offers Sports Dentistry For Improved Athletic Health

CHICAGO, IL – Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, but athletes-both children and adults-are especially susceptible to injuries, including those to the face, mouth and teeth. An elbow to the mouth or a hard fall can happen unexpectedly, resulting in knocked out teeth, a lacerated lip or even worse, a broken jaw, which is why Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, Lakeview dentist, works with his patients to provide sports dentistry for his patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Feffer is a lifelong athlete, having participated in team sports and other various athletic events. As a dentist, he understands the integration of good dental care into an athlete’s daily activities. Dr. Feffer, dentist in Lakeview, strives to work with his patients to help them keep their smile healthy, while being able to participate in sports without suffering from serious injuries.

“For any individual participating in sports, it’s important to understand the health risks and injuries associated with these physical activities. Among these injuries include oral and facial trauma,” said Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, Lincoln Park dentist. “As a lifelong athlete, I understand the importance of maintaining your health, as well as your dental health. It is my pleasure to offer improved dental care in my office for those who participate in various sporting events.”

The intensity of these sports injuries can be greatly reduced or even prevented with the proper protective wear. Sports dentistry has a major role to play in this area, involving the treatment and prevention of oral and facial athletic injuries. Prevention and adequate preparation are the key elements in minimizing injuries, and studies have shown that with a proper mouth device athletes can protect their teeth and oral tissues while participating in their favorite sport or activity.

The first step to preventing sports-related dental injuries is to visit Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, dentist in Lincoln Park. As the dentist for the Chicago Fire soccer team, Dr. Feffer works to protect athlete’s teeth while participating in various sports, as well as treating dental emergencies as they occur. For most sports, injury prevention through a properly custom-fitted mouthguard is the number one way to prevent dental damage and injuries. Custom-made mouthguards are designed to help cushion a person’s mouth, teeth and jaw to prevent serious damage and reducing impact.

“Because an athlete is more likely to have a serious impairment if he or she is not wearing a mouthguard, wearing a protective mouth piece during any sports activity should be an integral component of an athlete’s gear. I will work with my patients to provide the best fit possible so that they can protect their teeth, mouth and jaw from trauma,” said Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, a 60614 dentist.

For more information, patients can visit the website for Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, dentist in 60614, at http://www.lakeviewdds[dot]com/ or by contacting his office at (773) 348-3668.

About Jeffrey P. Feffer DDS, MPH: Dr. Jeffrey Feffer is a leading and experienced dentist, serving patients in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods of Chicago for 32 years. Bringing years of experience to the dental field and a passion for helping each patient achieve their best smile Dr. Feffer is qualified to handle any dental need for patients of every age. Dr. Feffer offers dental care in all phases of dentistry and has taken multiple courses in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry, among others. Additionally, Dr. Feffer is a longstanding member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society and the Chicago Dental Society. He is a longstanding dental expert and consultant to the legal profession in matters of alleged dental malpractice. This experience allows him to know and practice at and above the standard of care in dentistry.

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