Subfields in Cosmetic Dentistry The Difference between Orthodontics and Prosthodontics

Cosmetic Dentistry is a special field that deals with restoring dental imperfections caused by congenital reasons, accidents or dental illnesses. Cosmetic dentistry differs from general dentistry because the latter focuses on basic dental illnesses, diagnosis and treatment. The former treatment attempts to bring back, improve and maintain the aesthetic quality and function of the teeth. In other words, cosmetic dentistry is much more concerning the teeth’s appearance instead of its health.

Many techniques conducted in a dental office consider cosmetic dentistry procedures. These can be classified into two primary subfields – Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. The techniques that deal with the teeth’s bone structure as well as the mandible and other issues related to the mechanism of the teeth belong to the subfield Orthodontics, while those concerning the appearance of the teeth belong to Prosthodontics.

These two subfields of cosmetic dentistry are practiced only by dentists who have undergone three to five years of additional studies. They are much more equipped and skilled than common dentists, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Cities like Sevierville are home to trusted profile cosmetic dentists who practice each simple and complex procedure.

A dentist specializing in orthodontics is known for correcting wrong positioning of teeth. In some instances, orthodontists repair the entire facial structure. A Sevierville cosmetic dentist practicing in this field should know the basics of braces installation and some main operations in the underlying bone structure and cartilages. Additionally, orthodontist should be able to extensively monitor their patient’s teeth and its aligning development. This is to avoid undesirable consequences such smile misplacement.

For instances like chipped or little teeth which can’t be restored by any orthodontic technique, a dentist Sevierville TN patients recommend can provide veneers to cover the imperfection instead of reshaping it. Since veneers are thin sheets that are overlaid in teeth, they need constant maintenance and care. Additionally, some evaluations need to be done first especially if there is a need to correct the arrangement of the underlying bone structure. This is to certify that bones underneath the teeth are capable of handling installed implants and bridges.

On the other hand, a prosthodontist is responsible for finding solutions for tooth loss and enhancing its size, color and shape. Typical prosthodontic procedures include installation of dentures or artificial teeth. Sevierville cosmetic dentistry covers much more than the enhancement of dental appearance. Furthermore, some prosthodontist have acquired additional years of medical training to focus on defects of the neck or head which can shed light to some dental problems. They are specifically called maxillofacial prothodetist who treat neck or head problems caused by cancer, surgery or trauma that affect dental conditions.