Top 3 Vacation Dentistry Destinations in Mexico

Medical tourism is a booming industry. For starters, patients get to travel to exotic locales for their procedures, recover in a gorgeous setting and take advantage of their beautiful surroundings after they’ve rested. In addition, the cost of medical procedures is almost always lower outside the United States. Though medical tourism has long been associated with cosmetic surgery procedures, more people are looking into their travel dental options as well. Here are the top three vacation dentistry destinations in Mexico.

1. Cancun. This popular getaway spot for Americans is also a great choice for dental treatment. Service providers are used to catering to north-of-the-border visitors and, for the most part, speak fluent English, eliminating a potential barrier between patient and dentist. Many of the practices are state-of-the-art and offer everything you would expect to find at home, including cosmetic procedures like whitening to correct tooth discoloration as well as medically necessary treatments like dental crowns and dentures. It’s also perfect for a pre- or postprocedure vacation.

2. Los Algodones. This small town isn’t a resort city, which is why most Americans have never heard of it. Instead, Los Algodones-which is located right across the border from Yuma, Arizona-specializes in medical tourism and especially dentistry. Its many clinics offer high-quality care, including a number of dentists who received higher education in the United States. Because it’s so close to the border, a lot of people forgo an expensive flight in favor of simply driving, which can further reduce expenses.

3. Tijuana. Very close to California, Tijuana attracts a large number of Californians and other U.S. citizens to its dental clinics every year. Like Los Algodones, it’s known for medical tourism in general but dentistry in particular. In addition to being close to the United States (less than half an hour from San Diego), Tijuana dentists boast low prices and easy scheduling. While American dentists may be able to “work you in” within a week or two, patients usually get same-day appointments in Tijuana.


The substantially lower payment for high-quality dental work is one of the top reasons people seek treatment in Mexico. For example, porcelain veneers cost up to 75 percent less just across the border than they do at home, so people who can’t afford veneers at $2,000 a tooth may find them suddenly within their budget in Mexico. Dental insurance costs prevent many Americans from carrying policies, so vacation dentistry can bridge the gap between what patients want (or need) and what they can afford.

Other Considerations

Trying to plan a dental treatment from another country can be tricky, so be sure the clinic you’re considering can give you quotes via email, is available by phone to discuss your procedure and has staff available after hours in case you experience complications. Most importantly, request documentation that confirms the dental staff is fully certified to perform your procedure.

If you are considering dentures, dental crowns or whitening for tooth discoloration and prefer to stay close to home, consult a local dentist, such as a New Jersey dental implants provider.