Typical Personality Traits Of A Dentist

Personality can be a big factor in determining the success in any particular field. Success is defined as obtaining a desired end. Most people entering the dental profession desire to have the ability to provide excellent dental care to clients. Skill and knowledge can be used to overcome personality but there are certain personality traits that are more common in the dental profession.

The MBTI tool is used to test personality traits. The dentist personality trait often found is ISTJ (introverted – sensing – thinking – judgment). These personalities tend to be quiet and reserved, focused on the concrete with an attention to detail, giving weight to logic and working on a detailed plan that provides predictability in work and life.

Dentist Personality Traits

Meticulous and detailed oriented – the dental field is not different from other medical professions. Science and technology are a major component. Having an eye for detail and organization can be a helpful personality trait for anyone interested in entering the dental fields.

Logical thinking “” a realistic and methodical approach to situations is an important personality trait for any of the sciences. It helps the person work steadily and realistically toward particular goals. Practical steps towards professional success will be a guiding factor for dentists.

High degree of interest in the sciences “” some people are naturally drawn to biology and other similar studies. Science is a significant portion of the study of dentistry.

Punctual “” being on time is a great plus to getting through medical school, opening a business and expanding client lists.

The personality traits of dentists are similar to those of any medical field. The one major difference is that dentists use their hands more than many other medical professions. The personality traits of an interest in building, working with tools and working with the hands all come together in the field of dentistry.